One dead after car rams into anti-fascist protesters in Charlottesville – video report

A woman has died after a car rammed into a group of anti-far-right protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday. It marked a day of violence after clashes between far-right nationalists and people protesting against them. Donald Trump condemned the ‘violence on all sides’ but was criticised for failing to directly denounce the white supremacists

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How Trump’s paranoid White House sees ‘deep state’ enemies on all sides

Internal document shows the ‘alt-right’ Steve Bannon wing of the administration’s fervent belief that America is at risk from ‘the Opposition’ – a cabal of bankers, globalists, the media and even Republican leaders

An extraordinary memo by a former national security official contains a list of Donald Trump’s perceived enemies within, offering an insight into paranoia gripping the White House.

The author, Rich Higgins, was ousted last month by the national security adviser, HR McMaster. But the president reportedly saw the memo when it was passed to him by his son, Donald Trump Jr, and was said to be “furious” at Higgins’s forced departure.

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How Trump v Kim can wreck the world economy without a shot being fired

Tension is more likely to spark a US trade war with Beijing than a shootout with Pyongyang. China’s debt bubble will then burst, with major global economic consequences

Full marks for timing, Mr President. Last week marked the 10th anniversary of the start of the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, making it an appropriate moment for Donald Trump to threaten North Korea with obliteration.

One of the few achievements Trump can point to in his first six months in office is that shares on Wall Street have been steadily rising since his election victory last October. The “fire and fury” remark and the inevitable counter blast from Kim Jong-un gave the markets pause for thought. But not much more than that.

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Kevin Kisner leads US PGA but players make hard work on day three

• Chris Stroud and Hideki Matsuyama one shot behind Kevin Kisner
• Struggles illustrated by lack of a single birdie at 1st hole on Saturday

The 99th playing of the US PGA Championship has sporting parallels. There is, for example, the grim scoreless draw that football hipsters insist is wonderfully entertaining on grounds of defensive performance. Factor in a dour five-day cricket Test that ends without a winner and a fuller picture can be drawn.

Somebody will prevail at this major – eventually – but the event has already triggered a debate. Those seeking spine-tingling entertainment need look elsewhere. On a tense third day, during which standing still was valuable to many of those in the upper echelons of the leaderboard, golf purists insisted this is what major championship play should be all about. It is, though, a hard sell. The margin between good and bad shots has at times been impossible to decipher.

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Car drives into crowd in Charlottesville, Virginia – video

WARNING: Graphic video – some viewers may find this footage distressing.

Video footage appears to show the moment a car runs into a crowd of people in downtown Charlottesville on Saturday. Authorities attended the scene and at least one person received medical treatment immediately after the incident, according to reports

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Trump condemns ‘violence on many sides’ after car hits Charlottesville counter-protesters

President addresses clashes at site of planned white nationalist rally in Virginia, saying such violence has been ‘going on for a long time in our country’

Donald Trump condemned “violence on many sides” in Charlottesville, Virginia, which resulted in at least one fatality after a car ran into a crowd of counter-protesters.

The clashes in Charlottesville started after white nationalists planned a rally around a statue of the Confederate general Robert E Lee that is slated to be removed.

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