Last Chance U’s Brittany Wagner: meet the world’s best soccer mom

Wagner is the heart and soul of this Netflix series about college football players – the good parent to Buddy Stephens’ raging head coach

I’ve come to regard Netflix’s Last Chance U as the greatest parenting show around, perhaps because I’m days away from becoming a dad again. That the series has absolutely nothing to do with raising children – it’s a documentary about a junior college American football team – is testament to its power. Specifically, it is testament to Last Chance U’s academic advisor Brittany Wagner.

Last Chance U follows the East Mississippi Community College football program as it accepts promising players whose burgeoning careers have been derailed because of academic problems or behavioural issues. If they do well at EMCC, they’ll be recruited back into the big leagues. If they can’t change their ways, they’ll disappear. It is a heart-rending watch – no television this year has made me sob so frequently – and this is largely down to the two authority figures who function as de facto parents.

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