The window on Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career may well be slamming shut

The fact that the talented and outspoken quarterback remains unsigned is the league’s greatest shame right now

A city as polarized as Baltimore, where last year the Department of Justice found a shocking system of racial profiling and abuse by police, could use a player who raises the questions Colin Kaepernick has presented over the last year. But then again, those who buy suites at M&T Bank Stadium aren’t usually the ones experiencing the issues Kaepernick raises.

Kaepernick could have been a good fit, too, for the Miami Dolphins, who signed Jay Cutler now that quarterback Ryan Tannehill may be out for the year with a serious knee injury. Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has said he hopes Kaepernick’s social activism isn’t keeping him out of the league, making him perhaps one of the few owners willing to take a chance on Kaepernick. But Miami coach Adam Gase worked well with Cutler when Gase was the Bears offensive coordinator, which made Cutler a safe choice for him. Gase’s pick of Cutler was a football decision.

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