These are the people at the mercy of Trump’s healthcare bill

They waited years for services for their disabled children. They’re the patients who need basic support. What happens if even more money is removed from the system?

With a green mohawk, colored to match his wrist wraps and the lettering on his team’s shirts, Andrew ‘Big Diesel’ Dziezak steps up to the deadlift bar bearing a weight of 385 lbs. His parents sit in the audience surrounded by 15 team-mates and half a dozen coaches, expectant. This is Big Diesel’s first of three deadlifts of the day.

The sides of his head have been shaved into two symbols: on the left a puzzle piece, a common icon for autism awareness, the condition for which Big Diesel was diagnosed. On the other, a barbell bearing the weight ‘400’, his gold-winning personal best from the previous year’s state championship for Indiana’s Special Olympics.

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