Men are stronger than women. But that doesn’t make them better athletes | Anya Alvarez

It’s not sexist to say that male golfers can drive the ball further than women. But suggesting that makes females lesser athletes is ridiculous

For someone who stands 5ft 2in, I hit the ball pretty far. During my professional golf career, I was one of the longest hitters on tour. I averaged 270 yards off the tee, and I consistently outdrove competitors by 30 to 40 yards. When I played in pro-ams (mostly with men) I’d be told I “hit it far for a girl.” To which I would retort, “Yeah? Well, you hit it short for a dude.”

But the truth is, I did hit the golf ball far for a woman, and particularly for someone my size. Recently, PGA and Champions Tour veteran Fred Funk came under fire for comments about the length of modern courses. “I feel like I should be on the ladies tour right now,” he said. “I didn’t mean that in a derogatory sense, not at all. Just because Annika [Sorenstam) outdrove me [in a recent skins game], I’m a little bitter.” The USA Today columnist Christine Brennan called Funk’s comments sexist. In her article, she called into question Funk’s views of women, “This was a man who sounded quite comfortable delivering a snide remark about women’s golf.”

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